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history of the line

history of the line

The railway line Lleida-La Pobla de Segur was formally opened on February 3, 1924, but it was only built the Lleida-Balaguer section.Later on, after the civil war, RENFE was the responsible for continuing the works of the line as far as Cellers in 1949, Tremp in 1950 and La Pobla de Segur in 1951, being the last section.

At that time it was thought about the possibility to lenghten the line to Sort because the cross-border project with the aim of connecting Lleida with Saint Girons in France was definitely abolished.

The line goes past the left-hand side of the Segre river from Lleida to Balaguer. It is a single track along a plain journey up to getting to the first mountainous walls of Sant Llorenç de Montgai and Camarassa. At once, the train forms a part of the basin of the Noguera Pallaressa river which will go with the railway line, going through the middle of lakes and mountain ranges like El Montsec as far as La Pobla de Segur.
Once reaching La Pobla de Segur, the train will have gone over 41 tunnels and 31 bridges.

In 2005 the line Lleida- La Pobla owned by RENFE was property transferred to FGC. Right away, the restoring works of the line started in April 2006. The line service was re-established in Summer 2007. It takes an hour and 50 minutes to do the journey.