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May 2019

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    01/05/2019 - Balaguer

    Searching for gold with the family

    Enjoy the experience of the real gold hunters of the River Segre through an exciting and very enjoyable activity that will allow you to relive the history of the exploitation of this precious metal at a unique location in Catalonia.

    Telephone: 973 44 86 68
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    01/05/2019 - Cellers - Llimiana

    "Come to El Pallars, Enjoy El Jussà"

    From 1st to 31st of May, guided walks and experiences to discover the "comarca" (local district).

    Telephone: 973 65 34 70
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    01/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Theme Routes in The Val d'Aran

    From 1st May to 30th November, “Carros de foc” (Chariots of Fire), "Pedals de foc" (Pedals of Fire), “Pedals d’Occitània” (Pedals of Occitania), "Setau sagèth", “4cumbres, 4lenguas” (4 summits, 4 languages), “Camin Reiau”, “Era Roda”, “Encantats”, “Pass’Aran” and "Termal Trek"

    Telephones: 973 64 01 10 / 973 64 51 97
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    01/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Exhibition "Memories Incandescent" by Josep Serra Tarragon

    In commemoration of the 10 years of the fire of Horta de Sant Joan, the "Horta 10" platform presents the artistic exhibition "Memories incandescent" by Josep Serra i Tarragón, which reminds the five firemen of the Generalitat de Catalunya who lost their lives in this tragedy and the only survivor, Josep Pallàs. The exhibition is part of the Art and Fire art collection of the Pau Costa Foundation. The exhibition can be visited from March 26 to May 5 at the Casal Cívic (1st floor).

    Phone: 973680038
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    02/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Sewing Course

    Every Thursday from May 2 to 30 the course is carried out: "Sewing to survive." Directed to adults.

    Place: Civic Center

    Hours: from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Phone: 973680402 (civic home) // 973680038 (town hall: Alba)
    Price: FREE
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    03/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    "Hèsta dera Santa Creu" in Salardú

    All of the municipal crosses from the local villages will be brought together around the Cross of the Holy Christ of Salardú. This will be followed by mass and then all the crosses will be carried to the Plaça dera Pica square for a blessing ceremony. Activities for young and old alike: the chopping of tree trunks, a "bitlles" (skittles) competition, "aubades" (traditional dances), groups providing entertainment for children and a dance with live music, etc.

    Telephone: 973 64 40 30
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    03/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    30th Puppet Theatre Fair

    From 3rd to 5th of May, celebration of the International Puppet Fair with the participation of companies from all over Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world.

    Telephone: 973 27 02 49
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    03/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    2nd Book Town

    From 3rd to 5th of May, the second edition of the Vila del Llibre will take place in La Pobla de Segur. Literary festival that invites you to enjoy literary experiences in connection with the environment and in direct contact with cultural, gastronomic and active tourism activities in the area. Major Street will be the gateway to a literary universe with old closed premises transformed into bookstores, spaces for literary creation, a market of independent publishers, street shows, children's activities, a literary train ...
          Hours: starting at 10:00 a.m.

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    03/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    L'Altre Cine: Arab Cinema

    Every Friday at 10:00 p.m.

    May 3rd: "" () of.

    In the "Espai Cultural de La Lira"

    May 10th: "Islamour" () of.

    May 17th: "" (2012) of.

    May 24th:

    May 31st:

    Place: "Sala Anna Maria Janer"(Av. Catalunya, 20).

    Organized by: "Associació L'Altre Cine".
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    03/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Gnawa music workshop

    On Friday 3 May, the Gnawa music workshop will be held by Abdenebi Oubella.

    Activity addressed to the public: from 12 years

    Price: FREE with limited places.

    Place: Civic Center

    Phone: 973680402 (civic home) // 973680038 (town hall: Alba)
    e-mail: or Instagram: @ espaijovepobla
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    04/05/2019 - Guàrdia de Tremp

    Gathering of Mur

    Popular gathering at the Castle of Mur, with a colourful concentration of the pennants of the different nuclei that belong to the municipality of Mur.

    Telephone: 973 65 17 95
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    04/05/2019 - Tremp

    6th Handkerchief Walk in la Terreta

    An 18 km circular route that recovers some age-old traditional footpaths. While people walk, they will hear an explanation of the history of the valley and its legends.

    Telephones: 649 01 28 46 / 973 05 79 47
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    04/05/2019 - Tremp

    28th La Pallaresa Cycle-Tourism Ride

    Three circuits that run through both Pallars local districts, with distances and variations in altitude to suit all tastes. The short circuit is over 72 km, with a variation of 1,000 m; the medium-length one is over 117 km, with a variation of 1,600 m; and the longest one is over 161 km, with a variation of 2,997 m.

    Telephone: 973 05 79 47
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    05/05/2019 - Balaguer

    The Gold of the River Segre: in Search of Mariam's Dream

    The discovery of the footprint of the Balaguer of Al-Andalus at the Museum of La Noguera, a walk through the historic centre of the town, a visit to the Centre for Interpreting the Gold of the River Segre and the chance to live the experience of the authentic searchers for gold at the river, accompanied by a tasting of olive oil from the mills of La Noguera and of DO Costers del Segre wine.

    Telephone: 973 44 86 68
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    05/05/2019 - Balaguer

    "Posa't la gorra" (Wear the Cap)!

    The definitive charity. A fair of dreams, night of famous people, charity lunch, etc.

    Telephone: 973 45 15 55
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    05/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    9th CX Fireman's Race of Lleida

    The objective is to once again reach 3,500 runners. The event will take place at the Fira de Lleida. It will be possible to choose between two distances: 5 and 10 km.

    Telephone: 973 70 50 00
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    05/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    8th Popular Run of the Earldom of Sort and 8th El Pallars Sobirà Cross-Country Run

    Popular race around the outskirts of Sort

    Telephone: 973 62 90 10
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    08/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    May Festivities

    From 8th to 12th of Mai, festivities dedicated to Sant Anastasi, the patron saint of Lleida. This will include musical, cultural, sporting and traditional folkloric activities.

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50
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    08/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Join of San Miguel del Pui

    On Sunday May 8 will be the Join of Sant Miquel del Pui, patron saint of the town. In the hermitage a "blessed bread" has traditionally been distributed to all attendees. Celebration of a Mass followed by a "sardana" dance.

    For more information you can contact: the "Comú de Particulars"

    Phone: 973680117
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    11/05/2019 - Tremp

    55th Spring Fair

    Days 11th and 12th of May, this traditional fair, which has been held since 1964, includes an exhibition of agricultural machinery and related services, a cured sausage fair, and the “Fantastic Pyrenees” market.

    Telephone: 973 65 00 05
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    12/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    "Sardana" Group Competition (Castell)

    "Sardana" (traditional Catalan folk dancing) competition in the Plaça de La Llotja square, at 11.30 am, with a performance by the Cobla Contemporània.

    Telephones: 973 71 19 75 / 659 63 90 70
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    12/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    Knight Templar for a Day

    The Knight Templar Castle of Gardeny offers the possibility to discover what the life of a knight templar was like at first hand. The guided visit starts at 12 pm. Advanced booking required.

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50
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    12/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    12th "La Faiada" Mountain Half-Marathon

    Mountain race (Catalan Cup for Mountain Racing) which takes place over a distance of 1,350 metres, with a net climb to the summit of “La Faiada”, the highest point along the route.

    Telephone: 973 69 00 05
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    12/05/2019 - Santa Linya

    7th Les Peülles Trail Walk in les Avellanes and Santa Linya

    Running through the villages of Les Avellanes, Vilanova de la Sal, Santa Linya and Tartareu. There are two options to choose from: a 54 km route and another of 34 km, which pass through four settlements in this municipality, combining paths and tracks.

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    12/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    "Hèira Primauèra" in Les

    Exhibition of food products, dressmaking, tools, traditional crafts, farm animals, and kitchen garden flowers and nursery. Presentation of prizes for Aranese sheep.

    Telephone: 973 64 80 07
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    18/05/2019 - Balaguer

    Montsec Ride-Montsec

    Non-competitive bicycle ride that leaves from the town of Balaguer and heads for the area of El Montsec. Over three distances: 190, 140 and 80 km.
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    18/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    "Cara Amón" in Barruera

    Vertical race (Championship of Catalonia) over 4.8 km, from Barruera to Roies de Cardet.

    Telephone: 973 69 40 00

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    18/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    Night of Museums

    From 8 pm to 12 am, open day to see the cultural amenities of the city.

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50

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    18/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    23rd Moors and Christians Festival

    Days 18th and 19th of May,historical re-enactment of the battle between the two rival armies, in the streets of Lleida and beneath the walls of its Seu Vella (old cathedral).

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50
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    18/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    International Museum Day in Pallars Sobirà

    Open day at the museums and cultural centres of El Pallars Sobirà.

    Telephone: 973 62 10 02
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    18/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Lettering 2.0 Curses

    From 12 anys. It's not necessari that you have to assist at the first session.

    Place: Casal Cívic

    Price: 15€ / person.

    Timetable: at 16.00 hours.

    Telephone: 973680038
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    18/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Cut the bout for the Virgin Ribera's Fallas

    On May 18th we have the wood drilling where the "fallaires" leave from the "Plaça de l'Arbre" at 8:00 in the morning, direction of the Boumort reserve to go to find the "tea" necessary to make the burned "falles".

    Once finished at 2:00 pm there is a lunch for all the collaborators.

    Hours: From 8:00 in the morning
    Place: "Plaça del Arbre"
    Phone: 973680038
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    19/05/2019 - Balaguer

    Gathering of Santa Maria de les Franqueses

    Traditional gathering at one of the most spectacular natural and heritage settings of Balaguer. Communal meal of friendship.

    Telephone: 973 44 51 94
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    19/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Gathering of Santa Quitèria in Vielha

    A gathering which takes place at the southern entrance to the tunnel of Vielha, with a mass and dance.

    Telephone: 973 64 00 18
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    19/05/2019 - Santa Linya

    International Museum Day in Les Avellanes and Santa Linya

    Days 19th and 20th of May,open door session at the Centre for Dynamising the Historical, Natural and Rural Heritage of Tartareu, combined with a Romanesque workshop at the hermitage of Sant Miquel.

    Telephone: 973 45 40 04 avellanes
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    19/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    XVIII Trial Conca de Dalt.

    On Sunday, May 19th, the 18th Trial Conca de Dalt will take place.

    Gift t-shirt for all participants. 8Km. route per lap (6 zones of 3 turns), suitable for all levels.

    Breakfast for all participants.

    8.15: opening and registration.
    9h: start trial
    13.30: final competition
    14: awards ceremony

    Place: Conca de Dalt

    Telephone: 973680644
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    19/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Guided visit to Talarn Pito Coll: "Following the Footsteps of Time through the study of Edi-Cis"

    Sunday, May 19th, Guided tour of Talarn. Following the footsteps of time through the study of buildings with Pito Coll.

    Hours: 10:00 a.m.

    The Association of Culture of the "Comú de Particulars" is pleased to present this series of talks and guided trips, which initially has no expiration date. The pretension is that there is a continuity over time and incorporate new studies and discoveries.
    We intend to offer citizens the historical facts that happened in our lands and their incardination in the general context of the country. Also give visibility to the personal stories of different characters and how they influenced the area they lived, while visiting the places where the events took place.
    The person who coordinates all this activity is Dr. Pau Castell Granados.

    Registration: Send name, tel and @mail to:

    Partners and partners: € 10
    Non-members: € 25
    Students: Free
    1 Talk: € 5

    Make the deposit by placing your name on:
    La Caixa: ES33 2100 3616 8322 0008 8523
    You can also pay by hand in the first 3 chats.

    Place: Common of Individuals
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    24/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    European Park Day in Boí

    Every year, coinciding with the date of the creation of the first park in Europe, this special day is celebrated with educational activities and interpretations of the natural environment.

    Telephone: 973 69 61 89
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    25/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Initiation Course on Canyoning

    On May 25th and 26th, initiation course on canyoning. Another proposal of the #pressupostosjoves that becomes reality, the course of initiation in the canyoning! It will be on the 25th and 26th of May and on the 1st and 2nd of June.

    You must pre-register at email, indicating: name, age, contact telephone number and residence town. There are only 10 places that will be awarded by rigorous order of registration. Young people between 18 and 29 years of age residing in La Pobla de Segur have preference.

    Place: "El Molí de l'Oli"

    Hours: From 9:00 a.m.

    Price: 30€ / person. Includes insurance and equipment.
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    26/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    14th Siarb valley walk in Llagunes

    Popular walk through the Alt Pirineu (High Pyrenees) Natural Park. Suitable for people of all ages, starting from and finishing at the village of Llagunes.

    Telephone: 973 62 01 67
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    27/05/2019 - Cellers - Llimiana

    Week of the European Geoparks: "Travel through the Geopark via language"

    From 27th May to 9th June, various activities (talks, exhibitions, guided outings...) to publicise the heritage of the Conca de Tremp-Montsec UNESCO World Geopark. This year, the activities are framed by language. They are all free.

    Telephone: 973 65 10 88
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    29/05/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Workshop: learn to make pizza

    On Wednesday, May 29th, a workshop will be held to learn how to make pizza. Directed to young people and adults. There are limited places.

    Place: "Casal Cívic"

    Schedule: at 6 pm

    Price: 5€ / person.

    Registration to: or Instagram @ joventutpobla
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    31/05/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    "Aplec del Caragol"

    From 31st May to 2nd June, approximately one hundred local "colles" (groups and associations) meet in the Camps Elisis Park to eat snails, dance and generally have a good time. A festival of national tourist interest that also has its own cultural week.

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50 /