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September 2019

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    01/09/2019 - Àger

    Nòrdic Paragliding Open 2019

    From 1st to 7th of September, German paragliding championship, with 120 pilots representing 10 different countries.

    Telephone: 973 45 52 00
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    01/09/2019 - Cellers - Llimiana

    "Come to El Pallars, enjoy El Jussà"

    From 1st to 30th of September, guided walks and experiences to discover the "comarca" (local district).

    Telephone: 973 65 34 70
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    08/09/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    "La Falla" Great Endurance Event in Vilaller

    Cycle-tourism ride following the roads of La Ribagorça, over 130 km in the case of great resistance and over 85 km for that of medium resistance.

    Telephone: 973 69 04 02
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    13/09/2019 - Balaguer

    "Harpia", Medieval Balaguer

    From 13th to 15th de Septembre, medieval festival. In parallel, there will be a gathering of reenactors and the historic centre will host a medieval market and a gastronomy space, accompanied by various musical groups.

    Telephone: 973 44 66 06
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    14/09/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    10th "Rialp Matxicots"

    Days 14th and 15th of September, the Rialp Matxicots race runs between the emblematic peaks of the southern part of El Pallars Sobirà, El Montsent de Pallars and the Orri massif. Four trails: the Extreme course, over 84 km; the Marathon, over 48 km; the Half-Marathon, over 24 km; and the Popular Walk, over 11 km.

    Telephone: 973 62 03 65
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    15/09/2019 - Sant Llorenç de Montgai

    9th Gathering of accordions in Montgai

    Party at which a group of fans come together at Montgai to play this musical instrument, held in the Plaça Prat de la Riba square or in the Sala Ateneu.

    Telephone: 973 43 00 05
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    15/09/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    Enduro MTB in Pont de Suert

    Enduro MTB Challenge – Enduro Fun Cup.

    Telephone: 973 69 00 05
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    26/09/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    "Sant Miquel-Saló Eurofruit" Agricultural Fair

    From 26th to 29th of September, the Sant Miquel Fair (65th National Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery) and Eurofruit (34th Professional Fair for Suppliers to the Fruit Industry) is one of the most important agricultural fairs in Spain.

    Telephone: 973 70 50 00
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    27/09/2019 - Lleida - Pyrenees

    Autumn Festivities

    From 27th to 30th of September, celebration of the Autumn Festivities of Lleida in honour of Sant Miquel (Saint Michael).

    Telephone: 902 25 00 50
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    29/09/2019 - La Pobla de Segur

    20th Livestock Fair in Barruera

    Livestock fair with exhibitions, the sale of typical products and tastings. In Barruera (L’Alta Ribagorça).

    Telephone: 973 69 40 00